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Susan L. Boynton

Professor of Music

Julia Doe

Assistant Professor of Music

Walter M. Frisch 

H. Harold Gumm/Harry and Albert Von Tilzer Professor of Music

Director of Graduate Studies, 2018-19

Giuseppe Gerbino

Professor of Music
Vice Chair, Department of Music
Director, Music Humanities 

Ellie M. Hisama

Professor of Music 
Area Chair, Music Theory, 2018-19 

George E. Lewis

Edwin H. Case Professor of American Music
Area Chair, Composition, Spring 2020

Elaine R. Sisman

Anne Parsons Bender Professor of Music
Past President, American Musicological Society


Graduate Students



Recently Defended Dissertations

Kristy Riggs Barbacane, "On Colonial Textuality and Difference: Musical Encounters with French Colonialism in Nineteenth-Century Algeria" (2012)

Corbett Bazler, "The Comedies of Opera Seria: Handel's Post-Academy Operas, 1738-1744" (2013)

Beau Bothwell, "Song, State, Sawa Music and Political Radio between the US and Syria" (2013)

Daniel Callahan, "The Dancer from the Music: Choreomusicalities in Twentieth-Century American Modern Dance" (2012)

Louise Chernosky, "Voices of New Music on National Public Radio: Radio Net, RadioVisions, and Maritime Rites" (2012)

Nicholas Chong, "Beethoven's Catholicism: A Reconsideration" (2016)

Andrew Eggert, "Staging the Operas of Francesco Cavalli: Dramaturgy in Performance, 1651-1652" (2014)

Thomas Fogg, "Expériences sonores: Music in Postwar Paris and the Changing Sense of Sound" (2018)

Juliet Forshaw, "Dangerous Tenors, Heroic Basses, and Non-Ingénues: Singers and the Envoicing of Social Values in Russian Opera, 1836-1905" (2014)

David Gutkin, "American Opera, Jazz, and Historical Consciousness, 1924-1994" (2015)

Sean Hallowell, "The Deploration as Musical Idea" (2013)

Andrew Haringer, "Liszt as Prophet: Religion, Politics, and Artists in 1830s Paris" (2011)

Aaron J. Johnson, "Jazz and Radio in the United States: Mediation, Genre, and Patronage" (2014)

Harald Kisiedu, "European Echoes: Jazz Experimentalism in Germany, 1950-1975" (2014)

Anne Levitsky, "The Song from the Singer: Personification, Embodiment, and Anthropomorphization in Troubadour Lyric" (2018)

Matthew Morrison, "Sound in the Construction of Race: From Blackface to Blacksound in Nineteenth-Century America" (2014)

Alexander K. Rothe, "Staging the Past: Richard Wagner's Ring Cycle in Divided Germany during the 1970s and 1980s" (2015) 

Mark Seto, "Symphonic Culture in Paris, 1880-1900: The Bande à Franck and Beyond" (2012)

Lucie Vágnerová, "Sirens/Cyborgs: Sound Technologies and the Musical Body" (2016)

Amber Youell, "Opera at the Crossroads of Tradition and Reform in Gluck's Vienna" (2012)


Columbia historical musicologists currently hold positions at Rutgers University (Nicholas Chong, PhD '16), Johns Hopkins Peabody Institute (David Gutkin, PhD ’15), Brown University (Mark Seto, PhD ’12), Kalamazoo College (Beau Bothwell, PhD '13), University of Nevada Las Vegas (Anthony Barone, PhD ‘96), Loyola University New Orleans (Janna Saslaw, PhD ‘92), Washington & Lee University (Timothy Gaylard, PhD ‘87), St. Anselm College (Sean Parr, PhD ‘10; Andrew Haringer, PhD '12), Boston College (Daniel Callahan, PhD ‘12), Cornell University (Benjamin Piekut, PhD ‘09), NYU (Matthew Morrison, PhD ‘14), University of Notre Dame (Alexander Blachly, PhD ‘96), Brigham Young University (Brian Harker, PhD ’97), Reed College (Mark Burford, PhD '05), University of Connecticut (Eric Rice, PhD '02), University of Hawaii (Katherine McQuiston, PhD '05) and elsewhere.