News & Announcements

Marc Hannaford Awarded Steve Larson Award for Jazz Scholarship at 2019 Society for Music Theory Meeting

“Affordances and Free Improvisation: An Analytical Framework”—which Dr. Hannaford delivered at last year’s combined meeting for the American Musicological Society (AMS) and Society for Music Theory (SMT) in San Antonio—was awarded the Steve Larson Award for Jazz Scholarship at this year’s SMT meeting in Columbus.

Opera and the Doing of Women -- Composing Women Program Members @ Columbia on September 27, 2019

Members of the Composing Women Program led by Prof. Liza Lim (Sydney Conservatorium of Music, University of Sydney) visited New York with a concert at National Sawdust of premieres of flute solos performed by Claire Chase, as well as presentations on current chamber opera projects.